I wrote a Book: Gumiho

So the whole point of this blog is because I wrote a book. Actually it’s the third (full) book I’ve written. And not even the first I’ve queried. But it’s my current baby and I love it with its chubby book-cheeks and its fat book-fingers.

It’s called GUMIHO (working title). And here’s a bit about it:

Coming up with the idea:

It’s an old Korean myth/folktale about a Gumiho, nine-tailed fox that can shift into a beautiful woman. Korean mythology of the nine-tail fox is interesting because more recent tales say she’s only evil. Whereas, a smattering of older tales imply she’s benevolent or morally ambiguous (more like the Japanese Kitsune is seen). So, I wondered, “How did it come about that she’s just evil now?”

So I’ve had this idea swimming in my head for a couple of years. But I didn’t have the confidence to commit to it until now.

Reason I sat down and started writing it:
Ummm, because it’s about a nine-tailed shape-shifting fox.

Also, because it’s a love story. And it’s got a lot of K-Drama elements and I’m a K-Drama nut.

AND I get to look at beautiful inspiration like these GIFs:

A blurb about my Novel:
It is about a girl who is a gumiho, so she must kill to live. This weighs on her conscience even though she pretends it doesn’t. She’s never had a regular life or real connections. And she meets a boy who is the opposite of her, fun-loving with a slick tongue and not a care in the world. They fall in love, but of course things get complicated along the way.
My process of writing it:
From concept to finish? Maybe 3 years. But from sitting down and writing a legitimate outline to finishing, about 15 months.
I definitely took the plantser method for this one. I planned and planned for way too long. Then just sprinted from the starting line. Then…had writer’s block. Then edited for so long my eyes crossed. So, you know, the normal writing process. Haha

And now some Novel Aesthetics (this maaay be the reason I wrote this post):


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