The Book Con 2016!

So, my reader/fan life and my writer life have collided (once again). I went with some writing friends to this year’s BEA/Book Con in Chicago.
It was such a fun time even though we only went to the Book Con part of it on Saturday.
One of the things I love about going to Book conventions is that the authors are so nice! They are always willing to talk, take pictures, sign books, let you cry on them (No! YOU cried after meeting Laini Taylor)
I couldn’t look Daniel Jose Older (@djolder )in the eye for the first five minutes I was talking to him. I mean Shadowshaper is on the New York Times Bestseller’s list! Woah! But he’s actually one of the nicest, coolest, funniest, and smartest people you can talk to about books and life in general.
There are not enough words in the English language for me to explain how awesome Anna Marie McLemore is (@LaAnnaMarie). She was not only epic on her panel but she’s just a great down-to-earth person and so sweet.
Everyone should put The Weight of Feathers on their TBR.
I cannot tell you how ridiculously surreal it was to actually hang out with authors like Sona Charaipotra (@sona_c), Dhonielle Clayton (@brownbookworm), and Anna Marie McLemore (Also, Zoraida Cordova who is not pictured because I’m the worst at asking for photos @zlikeinzorro so instead I’ll show the cover of the BEAUTIFUL Labyrinth Lost below).
I will say that having writers around when you’re writing your MS is SO cool! They are so supportive and will fan over your work whether they are your CP or an award winning author. So cool! (Also, I’m in love with Tiny Pretty Things by Sona and Dhonielle)
Read this book, it’s awesome!

Susan Dennard (@stdennard) is the nicest. She spent so long talking to us as fans and people and was so excited we’d be at future cons and events. Just a wonderful all around person (and of course, she writes great books. Truthwitch for the win!)

You get ARCs! and Samplers! And I Love Laini Taylor’s new book already. Squeal!
(Also, go see Janella Angeles @janella_angeles on the diversity panel at Leviosa Con in July! She’s the classy one scratching her nose)
So, I was really nervous to ask for this photo with Laini Taylor (@lainitaylor) because it wasn’t at a signing or panel. I just saw her walking through the convention and she stopped and I just seized the moment (with some prodding from my awesome friends). I couldn’t get a full sentence out. I asked for the photo. I think I bowed when I thanked her (I’ll blame that on my Korean upbringing).
And then I cried.
I did wait until I was away from her before I cried, but yes, I cried. Laini Taylor is my literary idol. If I had 1/100th of the talent she did then I’d feel accomplished as a writer.
Speaking of awesome writers that I look up to. Look! It’s Maggie Stiefvater (@mstiefvater)! She was surrounded by fans trying to get copies of The Raven King signed. This was at the very end of the day. So I was so tired I blame being a hot mess on that, but I think she’s probably used to fans being tongue tied in front of her. So I’m in good company. Hahaha.

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