My Revision Process so far…

As many of you know, I’m revising. I will start this by saying I normally love revisions. But I also think I love revisions after I’m all done with them and I can look at my MS and say, “Yes, this is definitely better than it was before.”

When I am in the MIDDLE of revisions my feelings about them are much much different.

Here is my revision process in GIF form (because that’s really my best mode of communication):

Step 1: Preparation and Determination

Receive notes from CP/Agent. Read them and think, “These make sense, they’re doable and they’ll make the book better. I can do this.

Step 2: Outlining my revisions

Get to a few notes that are complicated, think about them and decide to set them aside for a later time so I can “tackle” the easier revisions.

Step 3: Start my actual revisions. Wheeee! 

I speed through the easy notes and I really feel like I got this. I’m making it better! Life is gooooood!

 Step 4: Finish simple revisions; open the difficult ones again

Go through a moment where I just want to say, “You know what, these don’t fit with my ‘vision.'” When really I mean, “These are so hard!!!”

Step 5: Realize I can’t ignore the notes and try to figure out some answers

Thus begins the freak out that maybe I have no idea what I’m doing and I never did.

Step 6: Have a moment where I think I should rewrite the WHOLE BOOK

Sometimes, when I notice something missing from my book, I think, “Well if I made the MC stronger or the love interest more angsty, then it’d work better. Also, if I changed her WHOLE BACKSTORY.” And then I copy my document and label it “experimental new draft” and I RIP IT APART.

 Step 7 & 8 & 9 & 10: Crippling Self Doubt

*sounds of my sobbing*

Step 11: Moment of epiphany

FINALLY figure out what was missing and it totally fits and I don’t have to rewrite the whole MS. And It’s going to totally work, yayayayaya!

Step ???: Finish Revisions

4 thoughts on “My Revision Process so far…

  1. I made an entry similar to this a few months ago. However with me, once I decide to change the entire concept I usually stick with that lol.

    Either way, I know this is an older entry but congrats on everything! 🙂


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