NaNoWriMo-Mo(nday) Week 1: Prep and getting started

It’s been a week on NaNoWriMo. How’s everyone doing? Still hanging in there? Still going strong?

Here are my stats so far:

Words written (total) — 10,887

Words written (average per day) — 1,814

Most productive day — Tuesday (4,162 words)

Least productive day — Thursday (32 words. whomp whomp)

Here are some resources I discovered and/or used over this week:

Rachel Aaron/Bach’s “How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day”

(She also wrote a book about the subject: 2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love)

My week started out STRONG. I had a great day on Tuesday and wrote over 4,000 words.

Then I wavered on Wednesday because, you guys, the Cubs were in GAME 7 of the World Series. And it was THE BEST GAME 7 EVER. Like such a nail biter but TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Then, I got distracted by post-World Series high on Thursday and that just caused me to write like 6 words. I also migrated my blog over here to WordPress.

(What do you all think of my amazing blog building skillz?? ::wiggling eyebrows::)

So, Friday was my make-up day. I was actually sick that day (sadness) but not so sick I couldn’t camp on my couch and just write all day. I did get distracted slightly because I was mini-stalking the Pitchwars YA entries that went up on Friday night.

Saturday was another write-all-day-if-it-kills-me day.

Sunday was pre-birthday celebrations with my sister (so I had to prep for this day by writing all day Friday and Saturday)

Also, for the first NaNo ever, I’m using Scrivener. The pros are how organized it is. EVERYTHING in one place! (I might do a separate post about Scrivener and how I’m using it). I love that I can have a folder for my characters, a folder for my settings, a folder for my research, and then a whole folder for my actual MS. But it’s still all in one place.

I prepped for NaNo this year by doing a lot of research and collecting it into this Scrivener document. I also created scene documents out of ideas I had for individual scenes or intros or pivotal moments in the story. I don’t really write in linear order, so this was very helpful for me since it allowed me to skip around but still keep everything organized and easily accessible.

So, I started out with the best intentions. And then I ruined it all! Because I wanted to be able to access the document from any computer and to do that I always leaned on Google Docs. So, I took all of the outlining I did in individual little folders and copied them all and dumped them into a giant Google Doc. #fail

Plan for Next Week:

I set up the introduction of each character and their motivations this week. So now I want to get into the inciting incident story and try to establish the relationship between the three main characters


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