About me & my writing

IMG_7837Writing hasn’t always been an easy love for me, although it has always been a constant one. I grew up in a family that supported each other, but put academics and stability above most things. That meant: go to a good college, get a good career, have financial stability. Writing did not sync up with that path. So, I went to school for pre-med, got a job out of college in clinical research, gave up the dream of being a doctor, and went into Public Health and cancer research instead.

But I never gave up writing. That’s the biggie for me. I kept coming back to it. And eventually, when I decided to follow my love of writing to whatever end it would take me, I ended up among a wonderful community of fellow writers.

I wouldn’t give it up for the world now. I am among creative people who inspire me every day.

I am represented by the amazing Beth Phelan at Gallt & Zacker who is not only a fantastic agent but a huge proponent of diversity in literature.

I hope I can pass on some of the love and support I’ve felt from both my fellow writers and other people in the industry who have supported me.