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Writing Posts:

Adventures in Revising(1): Throwaway and Redundant words

Adventures in Revising(2): CPs, Beta Readers, or hired editors?

Adventures in Revising(3): Writing Software | Ulysses III versus Scrivener

Adventures in Revising(4): Revising Scenes/Getting rid of unnecessary Scenes

Adventures in Revising(5): Dialogue

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Querying and Submission Posts:

Twitter and Conference Pitching: A Quick Guide

Why I love Query Tracker

Querying (1): Step by Step Query Process

Querying (2): Writing a Query Letter

Questions to Ask Agents on The Call

Questions to Ask Other Clients of an Agent

In video format!

My Authortube Channel

Writing Advice Playlist


Awesome Writing Blogs:

Publishing Crawl (and for revisions, definitely read THIS post by Susan Dennard)

Literary Rambles

Brenda Drake’s Blog

The For Writer’s Section in Susan Dennard’s Blog

Pitchwars Mentor Blog

In the Inbox: query advice from a literary agency intern

Writer’s Block Party (full disclosure, I contribute to this blog!)

ChiYaWriters (full disclosure, I contribute to this blog!)

Resources for writing/reading diversely:

The Diversity Conversation

We Need Diverse Books

Writing in the Margins

American Indians in Children’s Literature

Disability in kidlit

Gay YA

Reading While White

Writing With Color

Minorities in Publishing

CBC Diversity

Rich in Color

Malinda Lo’s Guide to LGBT YA

Latinxs in Kidlit

Writing and Craft Books that I own: